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Official Best Practices For NPRA Members

1. The needs of the client shall always be the primary driving factor for any referral made by the Member.

2. NPRA Industry Members submit to and honor all state and federal Medicare/Medicaid policies at hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, home health and hospice companies regarding vendor visitation, gifting and compensation for referrals. NPRA Members will not pay for nor compensate employees of these companies for referrals.

3. In accordance with state and federal laws, no fee of any kind, can be charged or accepted for residents placed who are already approved or accepted into any state Medicaid Program. This includes those instances when a family may arrange for an upgrade in the living arrangements (i.e. private room setting) and additional fees are collected between the family and facility. 

Some states may allow for receipt of a fee for assisting the family in researching and selecting an approved state Medicaid facility. This fee is paid by the family/client representative directly to the referral agency and does not involve funds of the client who is covered under the state Medicaid program. NPRA Members will understand and comply with their state and federal laws regarding fees for assisting Medicaid clients. 

4. NPRA Industry Members as a practice conduct a quality intake for each client to determine their specific needs based on their personal situation and care needs. It is also the practice of NPRA Industry Members to tour with the client or client’s representative whenever possible. This personal intake provides necessary insight to the Member when selecting care properties and centers to tour, and personalizes this process with each client/family they serve.

5. Prior to touring any facility with the client or client’s representative, NPRA Industry Members will review any available state surveys and/or enforcement actions and share results with the resident or resident’s legal representative. Members refer to care properties and centers as a practice that they have personally toured and researched prior to guiding a client to that care property or center.

6. NPRA Industry Members will not engage in the practice of moving or relocating a previously placed client for additional economic gain (known as “churning”). Any issues following a placement of a client or requests to relocate a client must be addressed directly by the Member with the involved family and the facility involved. The Member must not be the initiator of a relocation- this must be initiated by the family and/or the facility after all parties have been unable to resolve and there is agreement that relocation is in the best interest of the resident.

7. NPRA Industry Members maintain professional and general liability insurance in the amount of one million dollars ($1,000,000.00) per occurrence. Member will supply a copy of the ACORD® Certificate of Liability Insurance within 10 days of policy renewal. Member will request that insurance carrier name NPRA and/or their local trade association as a Certificate Holder so that the form is automatically sent to us upon renewal and update.

8. NPRA Industry members must disclose to their clients the nature of and or the source of their compensation. Members will not use the amount of or level of compensation one facility has over another as a basis for placement. 

9. NPRA Industry Members are required to recognize and report to appropriate authorities any witnessed incidents of elder abuse or suspected abuse. Ibn addition, Members may make report to licensing authorities when health or safety violations are realized by the Member.

10. NPRA Industry Members are knowledgeable in the resources of their local communities, therefore they have depth of understanding for the care properties and centers they are representing and referring to. This understanding and knowledge allows the Member to give personal guidance and seeks to find the best options available to that client at the time the search is under way. 

11. NPRA Industry Members must minimally meet the standards of their local or state trade association or organization, and any state laws regulating Elder Referral Agencies, and must be a member of their state association in good standing in order to be confirmed for membership with the NPRA.