Our Mission

United as One, To Encourage, Protect and Defend Our Industry, Our Seniors & Their Families.

Our Objectives Our Initiatives
Our Mission

NPRA's Four Pillar Objectives

NPRA's Foundational Objectives

  • To promote the general advancement of the Senior Placement and Referral Industry and profession. 

    Advancement of the Industry
  •  To promote public understanding and education around our industry to agents, medical professionals, families and the general public.

  • To provide a forum for the exchange of information between agents to improve our industry. 

  • Facilitate and promote a National Code of Ethics, Best Practices and Professional Responsibility.

    Professional Responsibility

Families Have Choices Initiative

"Only an informed choice is a good choice."

NPRA's Position

Families searching for senior care or housing are usually under immense time constraints and stress.  

Most of them run to the internet to learn about pricing, availabilities and services.  Too many times, families click the "submit" button and unknowingly commit to an "implied contract" with some Online Referral Agencies.  

Not only have they comitted themselves, they also may not realize that they have authorized those websites to distribute their personal information to up to twelve (12) senior housing communities.  

NPRA believes that clicking a "submit" button on an "information only" website should not eliminate:

  • A familiy's right to be represented by an agent of their choice, and;
  • A family's right to their own personal information and the right of rescission of "services."

Agents For A Fair Marketplace

"Fair competition is the driving force. for innovation and the creation of better services for the consumer"

NPRA's Position

No market is free if "unfair business practices exist within it.  NPRA believes that some Online Referral Agencies could be practicing some questionable unfair business practices, such as:

  • Creating a "False Sense of Competition" for the consumer on the internet;
  • Negotiating  exclusive lead contracts that prohibit family choice;
  • Exhibiting questionable "Lack of Disclosures" that could entrap consumers and stifle competition, and;
  • Questionable predatory business practices to attempt to manipulate, trick or apply pressure to the consumer, competors and/or senior care providers.

Code of Ethics & National Best Practices

Code of Ethics and Best Practices Create The Fiber Of A Robust Industry.

NPRA's Position

We believe that unified standards of Ethics and Best Practices make an industry stronger.  NPRA has adopted a "working draft" for National Best Practices and will work with members to continue to develop it and maintain it as a living, breathing document for our Industry.

National Certification

Help Us Create A National Certification Program for the industry.

NPRA's Position

We believe that a natural progression after a standardized Ethics and Best Practices is a National Certification Program.  Full Members will be eligible for national certification when the program is complete.  We are looking for volunteers to join our Certification Steering Committee to develop this new and exciting program.