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Our Mission

To cultivate the advancement of professionalism, fairness and the development of the senior placement and referral industry through collective initiatives to better serve seniors and their families.

Our Foundation

We recognize the growing need to create a strong foundation for a viable industry. Our national and local leadership is on point to improve processes and professional development. Our industry offers an invaluable benefit to the families we serve. This association’s driving force is to establish fair business practices to provide better services for consumers through partnerships, innovation, and public policy.

Our Service to You

Protecting the communities we serve through:

  • Education
  • Membership
  • Best Practices
  • Ethics and Values
  • Government Affairs

We provide a platform for our members to share their knowledge and views concerning industry practices, legislation, learning, and collaboration. We facilitate change, support professional accountability and encourage open lines of communication.

NPRA has established a Code of Ethics and recommended set of Best Practices to ensure seniors and their families are cared for properly. All NPRA members must abide by our Code of Ethics.

We encourage all placement/referral sources and community organizations to look to placement/referral agents who follow these ethics and best practices as their placement partners. We do not require, nor do we support, that either referral sources or community organizations work exclusively with members of NPRA. NPRA membership is just one way that placement and referral agents can signify that they adhere to NPRA ethics.

We Champion Seniors