A List of Your FULL Member Benefits

National Committee Postions

Full Members get their voices heard.  We want to hear from you.  We want your input on our Code of Ethics, Best Practices, as well as other topics that are important to you .  

We believe in group participation based on your experience and knowledge.

As a FULL Member you can be a part of our working committes.  


   Individual Verification Page On The NRPA Website

Gain credibility with your referral sources and clients with your individual FULL Member page on this website.  You will have a direct link to add it to your brochure and marketing materials.  Families will not be able to search for other agents from the page.  It is your personal NPRA vertification as a FULL Member.  To See A Sample CLICK HERE

Personally Branded Video For Your Website

For an additional fee of $500.00

You can have your own personally branded video to use on your NPRA page and your companies page.  You will have full licensing capabilities with the exception of television rights.

Private Facebook Group

For Those Private Industry Conversations

Don't Get Left Out

Who needs another email?  No one.  So, FULL Members can take part in NPRA's private FaceBook group.  We will use this forum to pass along member information or connect you with other agents across the nation so you can help seniors outside of your area.


National Certification Eligibility

Show Your Clients and Referral Sources That You Go The "Extra Mile."

FULL Member Eligibility

When NPRA's National Certification program is completed, you can be the first in your area to study, pass the test and obtain national certification.

For now, you can sign up to be part of the Certification Steering Committee.


Agent Tools

Tools To Make Your Work More Efficient.

Agent Tools

NPRA are partnering with organizations who offer products and services to the placement industry.  You will have full access to them as we bring them aboard.

Our first tool with be available shortly.  Become and FULL Member and watch for more.


Use of the NPRA Logo

Get Seen As A NPRA Supporter.

Use of the NPRA Logo

Full Members can use the NPRA logo on their website, brochures, email, and advertisements.  Link your personal NPRA webpage so your clients and referral sources can VERIFY that you are a member and actively follow the highest standards in the business.

Use of the NPRA Educational Card

Lock In That New Client or Referral Source.

Use of the NPRA Educational Card

Add the official NPRA Rack Card into your company's brochure to inform clients and referral sources how you adhere to higher standards.  This will separate you from the other agents who are not FULL Members or not associated with the NPRA. 



NOTE:  NPRA is an all volunteer Board of Directors.  We have one paid Executive Director Position